Blender Manual 1

When I lived in Amsterdam, a colleague and I ran a design shop called Riff Raff. We had a blast working on some really creative projects. This project became one of our favorites.

Blender is a popular, free 3D application that’s used by a wide variety of professionals and 3D enthusiasts. We worked directly with Blender’s creator, Ton Roosendaal, who wanted to introduce Blender with a bang. He liked the idea of producing a manual that would not be your average, black-and-white manual. So we designed and produced a full-color coffee table book.

roles:  concept development  •  creative direction  •  design  •  illustration


Conceptually, I wanted to visualize the process of learning 3D software. It starts with understanding the basic building blocks and, over time, results in having full control over all the modeling tools to create anything you can imagine.

I looked to the primary elements of life for inspiration and used those as a metaphor and starting point for the illustrations. For example, I broke down sound and light to their basic elements. And then I visualized the progression to their more complex forms.



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